Indian muslims say no to terrorism

This may be something that happened a few weeks ago, but it is highly important. We all know that only a small part of the Muslim community in the world are terrorists. But nothing shows this better than the following example. In the beginning of November, over 1.000 Muslim authorities in India signed a fatwa against ISIS/DAECH.

A fatwa is a legal opinion in the Islamic law. It is not a law in itself or a judgment, but merely a suggestion.  This one against ISIS/DAECH was signed by over 1.000 Muslim clerics. It suggests that any decent Muslim should not take part in what this terrorist organisation does and highly condemns its actions. The people who will follow it, will be those who recognize the authority of the cleric who initiated it.

One may think that these are only a few people, especially for a country like India, but it shows that the Muslims starts to raise their voices against the extremists of their religion. Any act of defiance against ISIS should be highly welcome and is therefore good news. Also note that India, despite having an important Muslim population, has a very low rate of citizens joining the ranks of DAECH. They should be, and probably are, an example to their Muslim brothers.


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