Decision at the Cop21 more likely due to the terrorist attack in Paris?


First of all, what is the cop21? The cop21 takes place in Paris from the 30th November until the 11th December. Approximately 150 head of states will take part and debate on how to behave more ecological. They, and mainly their diplomats, will discuss (and hopefully find answers and take action too) about how to stop global warming, reduce pollution, improve ways of recycling and generally raise awareness that we all have to change our behaviour to save our planet from being destructed by us. The main goal is to come to an agreement, all the countries will sing and respect. Beside the discussions, there is also an exposition hall, which like the rest of the area is not totally open to the public due to security concerns.

Why do some specialists and observers think that the attacks in Paris on November 13th may increase the possibility of a positive outcome? First of all, more leaders than initially have decided to come to show their support to France. They have also been invited to be there from the beginning instead of coming at the end of the conference as in Copenhagen in 2009. So the discussions will take place when everyone is present. Some may also argue that ecology and its effects on populations is also a cause of terrorism. By getting rid of these negative impacts we may get rid of terrorism too. Some of these arguments may seem weak and no one knows if the terrorists attacks will have an impact, but every reason is good to make them become active for ecology.

Unfortunately, many people think that this conference will fail, like so many before. Alone in the USA it will be difficult to pass new ecological bills, because the senate is republican. Some of them still think our climate is perfectly fine and that there is nothing to worry about… But we’ll see!

The cop21 logo (source: wikipedia)

(sources: wikipedia and BBC)

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