What has been decided at the cop21

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I have already written a post about the Cop21 (which can be found here https://commented-news.com/2015/12/02/71/ ), explaining that an agreement was very likely to happen due to the terrorist attacks in Paris. And indeed, the result of the conference is a positive one, as they came to an agreement. That is surely not only because of the attacks, but it may have helped.

Nothing is yet valid, 55countries have to accept the decision for it to be official and binding. In France for example it means that the parliament has to accept it. In the USA, on the other hand, President Barack Obama may have to use ways to get around the climate-sceptic senate. But if the countries accept, the “Paris-agreement” will be legally binding and the countries have to stick to it. Also, from its entering in force on, in 2020, there will be a review of the input every 5 years, to keep track and make improvements in a case of dissatisfaction.

The real question is, what have they decided? Well, one of the goals was to agree to reduce global warming so it doesn’t exceed 2°C. That goal has been reached and they even agreed to reduce it way under 2°C, trying to keep it around 1, 5°C. That level of 1, 5°C however is nearly impossible to reach and was only agreed to for the sake of countries like the Maldives who might get submerged by the raising sea-level, therefore wanting drastic changes.

In order for that goal to be reached, there has to be a reduce of greenhouse gases. The agreement says that it “should happen as soon as possible” in order to find “a balance between the emission and the absorption” of these gases. Specialists say that they have to be cut down by 40-70% of what they are today by 2050 to prevent an incontrollable climatic disorder. The agreement doesn’t say anything about that but reducing the gases and find a balance is a good start.

There is also going to be a financial help by the rich countries to the poor ones. It is some sort of fee for polluting, paid to those who suffer from it for instance through floods and droughts. Every year they will raise 91 billion€ (100 billion$, 67 billion£) for that objective. Unfortunately this does not figure in the final text because some countries didn’t want to agree to it. But most countries did, so it is most likely to happen, but on a more or less voluntary basis.

All in all, the decision may not be exactly what specialists have hoped for, but it is definitely better than nothing and a pretty good start. Yet there can be as many agreements as we like, they have to be followed by actions. Those who have to take serious steps are the governments, especially of countries like china that pollute horrendously and do the biggest harm. Therefore the industry and other business cooperations have to change their ways and stop to set their own profit before the wellbeing of everyone else. This is, of course, true for every country. And even if in our everyday life we pollute a lot less than big industries, we can change our behaviour too. Ecology is about everyone doing his part. There is no need to run around dressed in hemp clothes eating leaves. There are easy and nice steps to be ecological. Eat less meat, waste less food, take the car less, and recycle. Ecology does not have to be boring and annoying. The time to change is now, let’s act!

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