What the recent poll of the “Bertelmann” Foundation tells us

    One constantly hears about right wing politicians and their new policies for the European refugee crisis. Apparently they are on the raise. Anti-immigrant, racist and xenophobe ideas become more and common and spread rapidly. Most elections in Europe confirm it. In most countries, the right and populist parties get pretty good results. Does… Read More What the recent poll of the “Bertelmann” Foundation tells us

the current situation in myanmar

  Some time ago I posted an article about Myanmar and the recent elections that were held in the country (it can be found here: https://commented-news.com/2015/12/09/a-banknote-as-a-symbol-of-change/ ). Now on the first of February the parliament held its opening session and the first time in 50 years, democratically elected MP’s participated in it. Of 664 MP’s,… Read More the current situation in myanmar