the current situation in myanmar

NLD members on their way to parliament source. afp.jpg
NLD MP’s on their way to parliament (source: AFP)


Some time ago I posted an article about Myanmar and the recent elections that were held in the country (it can be found here: ).

Now on the first of February the parliament held its opening session and the first time in 50 years, democratically elected MP’s participated in it. Of 664 MP’s, 390 belong to Aung San Suu Kyi’s NLD party (135/224 for the upper house and 255/440 for the lower house). About 115 of them are former political prisoners and must find it extremely satisfying to now sit in the parliament. Some of them say that an impossible dream became true. But the downside of the medal is that 25% of the parliament is still controlled by military officials who have a veto for constitutional matters and hold 3 key ministries. The NLD MP’s still promise that they would fight for the democratisation process of their country and the respect of human rights.

Nevertheless, the NLD was allowed to form a government and NLD MP’s hold the main roles but always with the number two being someone close to the army. The name of the next president is yet a secret. Mrs. Suu Kyi is constitutionally prohibited from getting the post, because she has two British sons. Some people hope for a rapid constitutional change, which would allow her to still get the function. But if that’s not case, it will be her closest assistant who is also her doctor.

Anyway, with the NLD MP’ entering the Burmese parliament and them being able to form a government, Myanmar took another step towards democratization.

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