A picture made by Greg Williams



Is there anything sadder than a lost teddy? Yes, there is. For example this particular Teddy. It is the plush animal of a kid in the jungle of Calais. Not only did he or she have to leave the home country, take the dangerous journey to Europe, live under horrendous conditions in Calais, but now his or her family was evicted from there by the French police. During this process, the kid probably lost the last and only valuable thing there was.

Let’s not forget that those who suffer most from this refugee crisis are the kids. Feeling unwelcome everywhere and robbed of their childhood. We are about to create a lost generation, feeling misunderstood and bitter. Cursing the Europe for not taking them in, caring for them and allowing them to have a normal childhood and later live a normal life, just because “We can’t take them all”.

(If you want to do something for them, show your support to the refugees whenever you can. Speak up when you hear someone speak against them. Join charities or donate. You can also visit )

(Greg Wiliams’ internet page: )



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