Update on the impeachment procedure against Dilma Roussef

Here is a quick update on my recent article about Brazil:

The impeachment procedure has been stopped by Waldir Maranhao, Brazil’s interim president of the Chamber of Deputies on May 9th 2016. He asked for the vote from the 17th of April to be cancelled. His main argument is that the vote was not regular, partially due to the fact that many MP’s expressed their opinion publicly, before the vote.  There will be a new vote. Dilma Roussef is, of course, not grief struck but said “I don’t know the consequences of this decision. Let’s stay careful”.

Maranhao is the president since last Thursday, because his predecessor has resigned due to corruption accusation in the Petrobras fair. Unfortunately Maranhao is accused of the same.

The future of the procedure is now uncertain. The senate, which has to hold a vote on the matter too, decided to continue the work on it. But here is how it will probably go: the chamber of deputies will hold a new vote with the same result, the senate will vote in favour of the impeachment too and Dilma Roussef will have to go. It may as also go completely different. No one knows. One thing is nevertheless sure, this Petrobras scandal is far from being over.


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